"Precious Pets" are Dogs and Cats that Petmobile Pet Hospital has taken-in and nurtured back to health. Dr. E. S. Henson founded this non-profit organization to help pets, whose owners could not afford their treatment. Instead of euthanizing, she has chosen to help these "precious pets" and give them medical treatment when possible, nurture and love them. She then helps to find them loving homes. There is such a great need in this ministry and you can be a part of it.

To help with these "Precious Pets" look at the needs list and be a blessing to these loving pets.

Prayers needed no cost!

There are many ways to donate see how you can help!! Thank you for your support in this ministry!

Petmobile's Precious Pets

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God with His great strength and power made the earth, all of its people, and every animal. He gives them all, to whom He chooses! Jeremiah 27: 5

We believe that no pet should die without love and medical care. The need is so great and the help is so little. Any and all help is needed to save pets... Even if you can't adopt pets, there are so many other ways to help save and nurture them, such as:

Love, Time, Money, Material and other ideas that you might have!


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