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Diagnostics and Other Services





Cold Laser Therapy 


Eye Exams

Pain Management

Low Cost Vaccination Clinics


Pick up & Drop Off Services

Parasite Treatment

Wellness Exams

Diabetes Care

Adult and Senior Examinations

Ear Examinations 

Intensive care (ICU)



Knee Surgery 

Bone Surgery 

Spaying & Neutering 

Tumor Removals

Eye Surgery 

Ear Hematoma Surgery 

Tail & Dewclaw Amputation





Health Certificate

State to State Certificate: Traveling  via airplane or car  between states.

Mexico Health Certificate: Traveling to Mexico:

              Via Car: Require a specific health certificate.

              Via Airplane: Requires USDA health certificate

USDA (International) Certificate: Traveling from the United States to another country. Contact at least 6 months to 1 year prior to travel. Some countries require more in-depth testing that have strict deadlines.

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